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  • Are Headphones Harmful to Your Kids?

    As a parent one may be over-cautious when it comes to protecting one's own offspring from everyday dangers. It involves blemishes while playing and now and then a few tears to being a child. Especially as the traces of such incidents are usually forgotten quickly.


    However, it is different in terms of lasting health problems - because these too can arise. Thus, children's ears are much more sensitive than the hearing of adult people.


    Some guardians therefore ask the legitimate question: Can I buy my child a headphone, or should be used for safety only the speakers of the stereo system. For the speakers there is possibility of control over the listening habits of the little ones.


    Legitimate Criticism of In-Ear Headphones?

    Other parents, however, are glad that there are headphones for children, too, to find a little rest from the latest children's hits from time to time. Of course, these people also want to make sure that the headphones do not cause any damage that does not fade.


    According to the experts, according to the experts at bestnoisecancellingheadphonesguide.com , one aspect confirms: As with adults, the constant loud listening to music is actually harmful. The small hairs in the ear die from too much exposure to noise and never recover at worst. It is particularly complicated when children use the so-called in-ear headphones.


    However, the reason is often different than one might suspect. Of course, the music in the ear canal unfolds its effect faster than the normal headphones, which is worn on the auricle.


    The Headphone is not to Blame but the Usage

    However, there is a test that shows that many users - and thus children - when using an in-ear headphones just because of better perception not generally make louder settings on the system or the MP3 player.


    Especially as it gives parents, who want to give the young headphones (on-ear or in-ear), quite a chance, and at least rudimentary to control the volume. Many manufacturers who have children's headphones in their range, specify exactly what maximum volumes can be achieved. Thus, targeted products can be purchased, where the load is as low as possible. Incidentally, this information also applies to most adult-use headphones, with the motivation for volume comparison possibly being the opposite.


    Responsible Use Significantly Reduces Health Risk

    If one asks specialists, if headphones for adolescents are dangerous from a health point of view, the answer will in many cases be a clear yes. But not in general, because the majority of the products themselves would be harmful. Rather, for the reason that many children and adolescents lack the sound sense of proportion.


    Unattended, music is consumed for hours at high volume, the buzzing in the ears is often ignored or not perceived as a problem. Attentive parents can prevent harm to headphones by being lenient and exemplary and by explaining the dangers.


    This includes buying inadequate low-priced headphones where the effects of long-term use have not been adequately tested by BNCHG and other experts.

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